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The 4th Annual Bigger Lovers/Photon Band Holiday Spectacular on Ice, Dec. 2 at Johnny Brenda’s

The Bigger Lovers will cap off a fairly busy year (at least compared to the years 2005-2010, when we were either preparing to disband or broken up for real) with an absolute corker of a rock show:

The 4th Annual Bigger Lovers/Photon Band Holiday Spectacular on Ice which is set for Friday, December 2 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. Tickets are on sale now. Purchase them here.

Expect all the hits and the misses from our catalog. Expect a cover or three - perhaps even a holiday themed one. Expect at least one “Internationally Acclaimed” special guest. Expect a very tired drummer flush with drink tickets. As you may or may not know, TBL and the Photons share a drummer in one Patrick Berkery.

And expect a mind-melting opening set from our tight bro from way back, Jay Laughlin.

Speaking of the holidays, is a great place for all your holiday shopping needs, like the "How I Learned to Stop Worrying" 10th anniversary vinyl reissue, the "Little Giant Maxi Single", the "Honey in the Hive" and "This Affair Never Happened… and Here are 11 Songs About It" CDs, and more!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and feel free to inquire about our availability for well paid house concerts, holiday parties, and festival gigs.

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The Bigger Lovers have a holiday gift for you: “For Christ’s Sake”

In anticipation of the 4th Annual Bigger Lovers/Photon Band Holiday Spectacular on Ice, happening this Friday (Dec. 2) at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia (get tickets here),and in the holiday spirit of giving, we’re giving you a free download of our song “For Christ’s Sake.”

You might remember this piss, vinegar, and spiked eggnog fueled ballad from our third album, 2004’s "This Affair Never Happened… and Here are Eleven Songs About It." It’s always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole: a holiday-themed song written in May, recorded on a balmy October afternoon, and released in March.

As for the origins of this tear-in-yer-eggnog slow jam, here’s how the song’s writer Bret Tobias remembers it:

"We were asked to contribute to a Christmas compilation and were riffing off title ideas at rehearsal. Someone came up with "For Christ’s Sake" and we all had a laugh and then quickly moved on to doing "Emmanuelle" for the umpteenth time or something. But the title stuck in my head, and as I started writing it became a little more heartfelt than intended. It was an interesting experiment, even though it’d be served better by someone who can belt soulfully with more aplomb. But I still like it."

We hope you like it too.

Enjoy your free download, here.

And we hope to see you slow dancing to this one Friday night in Philly.

Happy holidays.