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The Bigger Lovers reunite for 10th anniversary reissue of debut album… and a new Maxi-Single… and a hometown show!

Five seasons and change after closing up shop, The Bigger Lovers are reuniting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our instantly out-of-print 2001 debut, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying” (originally issued on Black Dog Records on March 13, 2001) with a remastered vinyl and digital reissue coming March 8, 2011 on our own Miles Above imprint. It’s the first time the album has appeared in either format. The reissue - which includes two bonus tracks (available digitally) recorded during the original sessions, and expanded liner notes - will be available through, iTunes, and select brick and mortar stores.

And there’s new music, some of it free: From now (Jan. 18) through Feb. 1, we’re offering the brand new track “Little Giant” as a free download (feel free to post). I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of this track. Bret (Tobias, guitarist/vocalist) has said repeatedly it’s so good it should be in an Apple commercial. And that’s saying something because it’s Scott’s (bassist/vocalist) tune, meaning Bret won’t get any publishing!  “Little Giant” is the lead track from the “Little Giant Maxi Single,” four tunes (plus a remix) we began recording in the Spring of 2005 and finally got around to finishing last October with our pal Tony Goddess (singer-guitarist of Papas Fritas). It’s available beginning Feb. 1 from at the rock bottom price of $1 per song, or $4 for the whole thing.  iTunes will carry it as well.     

And since it wouldn’t be a proper reunion without a show, we’re playing Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia on Sat., Mar. 12 to celebrate the new release and the re-release. Tickets are $10 adv/$12 day of show and they’re available now through the Johnny Brenda’s website. Dennis Diken (Smithereens drummer) and Bell Sound will open.

What else? We’re now present on every platform that caught fire after we disbanded - Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter. And as far as the reunion stuff goes, we really don’t know where it will lead. Well paid house concerts and festival gigs? Hey, if you’re offering, we’re listening.

If you need more information/promotional materials/photos, give us a shout:

The Bigger Lovers release 10th anniversary reissue of debut album, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying” TOMORROW, celebrate with Philly reunion show, THIS SATURDAY

Phase One (a free download of the new track “Little Giant”) and Phase Two (the release of the digital only EP “Little Giant Maxi Single”)  of their semi-reunion complete, Philadelphia guitar-pop faves The Bigger Lovers are swinging for the fences with Phases Three and Four. Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 8) they will release a 10th anniversary reissue of their instantly out-of-print 2001 debut, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying” in remastered vinyl and digital form (buy here).

Then on Saturday (March 12), the band reunites for a hometown show at Johnny Brenda’s (1201 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, Pa.), marking their first performance since 2005, with special guest Dennis Diken (Smithereens drummer) and Bell Sound. Get tickets here.

To say they’re “re-” releasing “How I Learned to Stop Worrying” is a bit of a stretch, considering the album was hardly “released” in the first place. After a prolonged legal battle with a now defunct record label which shall remain nameless (ah, screw it - Mood Food), “Worrying” was released by the similarly now defunct Black Dog label on March 13, 2001. By the time the Lovers returned from a few brief tours later that spring, Black Dog had lost their distribution, effectively rendering the album D.O.A.

Still the band won rabid fans everywhere they went (thirty-something dudes, mostly, who liked to get loaded and discuss The Move at great length) and received raves in the press. The strong critical response never did translate into record sales, but it stoked enough interest that the album became somewhat of a cult classic - handled like a crown jewel when stumbled upon in the used bins or online.

And now, it’s back. Or it’s finally arrived. However you wish to spin it, the 10th anniversary edition of “Worrying” has everything you want in a reissue: a remastering job to please the audiophiles, 180 gram vinyl, bonus tracks (“Needy,” “Private Party”), expanded liner notes and essays, and great music you’ll want to pony up for even if you bought it the first time around.

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We are currently offering our debut album “How I Learned to Stop Worrying” and the follow up, “Honey in the Hive,” at deep discounts just in time for your holiday shopping needs.

You can pick up the deluxe, limited edition, 10th anniversary vinyl reissue of "How I Learned to Stop Worrying" for just $10. Or download the album for just $5.

And you can also download "Honey in the Hive" for $5.

While you’re in a holiday shopping mood, tickets for the 4th Annual Bigger Lovers/Photon Band Holiday Spectacular on Ice, December 2 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia make great early gifts. Get ‘em here.