Free download of a lost track: “Barely 5:30”

The things you find on the hard drive when you’re trying to find ways to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a sophomore album…

Prior to entering Miner Street Studio in January 2002 to begin work in earnest on “Honey in the Hive,” we hunkered down in our freezing cold rehearsal space above Green Street For Pets consignment shop on Market Street in Old City/Philly (don’t look for it, it’s not there anymore) to demo a bunch of songs.

One of those songs was “Barely 5:30,” a ragged stab at some sort of Crazy Horse-meets-the dB’s noise and a staple of our live shows around this time.

While we never got around to tracking it at Miner Street, the song has always been one of our favorites. So what better time to share this mid-fi, warts & all version than on the eve of Honey’s 10th anniversary.

Download the demo version of “Barely 5:30” for free here. But before you do that, indulge “Barely 5:30” author Bret Tobias as he reminisces about hangovers:

"I used to be hungover a lot. “Barely 5:30” is about that. Ya know, waking up mid-morning, sunlight glaring through the blinds, and feeling like, ‘Shit, swear I just went to bed an hour ago.’ I occasionally get nostalgic for that stuff, and then I accidentally reacquaint myself with that kind of hangover and realize how incompatible it is with my current life. Not a bad song though."