A long overdue dispatch from your friendly neighborhood Bigger Lovers

I know, I know… we’re getting to be like your deadbeat brother. You don’t hear from us for six months, and when you do, we’re always asking you to do some shit. But this is what happens when you’re a semi-functioning rock band whose members are beating that “40 is the new 20!!!” drum with a little too much zeal.

But enough about your hang-ups. Here’s what we’re peddling…

Wesley Stace, nom de rock: John Wesley Harding - ever heard of him? Of course you have. The man has been crafting incredibly tuneful and literate pop songs since you’ve been in short pants. He’s also an award-winning author, for the love of Pete.

Anyways, ‘ol Wes moved here to Philadelphia recently, and we’ve become friends. No joke. Look at that photo. That’s Wes telling Scott about a bunch of things he’s doing wrong on the bass. We’ve been playing together because we have the honor of being his backing band this Saturday at the 4th Annual F.U. Cancer Music Festival in Philly, which benefits Dara’s Defense, an organization providing advocacy, education and support for women and families that are affected by Ovarian Cancer. The show is sold out. But if you were lucky enough to score tickets, you’re in for a great day. Especially if you bring the family because there’s going to be donkey rides and a moon bounce. Good music too. We’ll do a Bigger Lovers set of all the hits at 8:00, then we back Wes at 9:00.

Here’s what else were peddling…

Saturday, September 8, 2012. Save the date. That is when we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our second album, “Honey in the Hive” with a big show at Johnny Brenda’s. We’ll play the album in its entirety, along with some of your other TBL faves. And we’ll have our tight bro from way back, internationally renowned entertainer Dave Hill “hosting” the evening. More details soon. But seriously, save the date.

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Big love,